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Monday, 5 November 2007


Five people again voted, as my stubborn attempts to canvas opinion on vital TEFL issues continues apace.

In answer to the, some may say indelicately incomplete, statement, "My TEFL salary is:", the following responses were registered, after a recount:
  1. ... none of your bloody business - 0 votes (0%)
  2. ... enough to keep the wolf from the door - 1 vote (20%)
  3. ... enough to keep the wife from the door - 3 votes (60%)
  4. ... enough to keep me in snuff and monogrammed handkerchiefs - 1 vote (20%)
  5. ... sub-Saharan - 0 votes (0%)
One foppish respondant shares my predeliction for stylishly whistle-clean air intakes, one person believes their income enough to keep wild animals at bay, whilst fully 60% regard their pay as enough to keep their spouse from departing.

So there you have it - a TEFL salary won't lose you a wife, but it probably won't gain you one either. There again, it might, depending on whether she's studied numbers in English yet or not. Probably best not to mention it though, just to be on the safe side.

Or something.



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