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Friday, 2 October 2009

É NÓS!!!!!!!

I can barely control my bladder with the excitement of finding out that Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the Olympics in 2016. That'll be a football World Cup in 2014 and an Olympics two years later, with non-stop samba in between.

Big winners? Lula, who will no doubt use this as a victory for his government. Politicians and construction company owners (often the politicians' brothers-in-law) who will be already totting up just how much they can overcharge and what this amount will buy in country mansions, good snuff and bikini-clad teenagers. Pelé, who has finally got a call right, after never managing to predict the correct result of a World Cup since he last played in one. And the drug lords in Rio, who will no doubt be offered unofficial "concessions" in exchange for being good boys during the event.

And, last but not least, Paulo Coelho, a somewhat unexpected inclusion in the Olympic delegation, but who may now be remembered for something other than his books and his claims to be a wizard.

É bonita, é bonita, e é bonita!

Here is a video of Gonzaguinha doing an impression of legendary football star and philosopher, Socrates.

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